Business Description

Sunshine Capital, Inc. is a public company quoted on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Sunshine Capital, Inc.’s ticker symbol is (SCNP). Sunshine Capital, Inc. is a development stage company concentrating on the Crypto-Currency space.

DIBCOIN is Sunshine Capital's largest holding to date. Through it's DIB Nation division, Sunshine Capital, Inc., is building a complete digital economy. DIB Nation will combine the power of Peer to Peer marketing and products to help customers improve their health.

Sunshine Capital, Inc. plans to use DIBCOIN to purchase private companies and hard assets.


DIBCOIN will be the first cryptocurrency to be used by a public company to acquire existing profitable private companies. Sunshine Capital, Inc. will use DIBCOIN as a monetary instrument, to acquire companies and assets, building its portfolio with no debt or dilution to existing shareholders.